Where can l purchase The Paky Express bus tickets?

The easiest way is to buy online thru our website, using your credit card, you will then receive an automated confirmation email showing your purchase which also can be used as a receipt.

Services departing on time

Our services depart on time and operate according to our published timetable and will depart Pakenham and the Airport at these times.

Can I pay for my tickets with a credit card?

Yes you can buy your tickets online using your credit card 24/7. (please note that bookings close 30 mins prior to departure).

Do you offer a discounted price for the purchase of return tickets?

No we don’t offer discounts for return trips, but our prices are as low as possible making it extremely affordable for singles and families to use our service whether going one way or return.

Acceptable tickets

Do I need my ticket to board the bus?

We need to see a copy of your ticket showing the number of bookings made and also the ticket number to confirm you have boarded the bus.

Does the driver wait for me?

No, the driver is expected to leave all pick up point no earlier than the time show on the schedule, and to respect of other passenger who arrive on time and have flights to catch we must run to the schedule as displayed.

Who do I contact for lost property?

If you have left something on-board our vehicle please contact the, The Paky Express by email, anything left or found will be returned to the owner.

I need to book for today’s bus, is that possible and is there room at such late notice?

Our booking service is online 24hrs a day. Please note that the website has a 30 minute cut-off for bookings prior to the service commencement time.

Is it possible for you to pick me up or drop me off from my home?

No, we only pick up and drop off at our designated stops.

How much luggage can I take?

We allow 1 standard suitcase and small carry on bag per paying customer. There is a small extra charge for other items. For the latest prices see our prices page.

I have a health care card. Is there a concession fare for me?

No we have designed this business to keep our prices as low as possible to keep our customers contented.

Can I take my pet with me when I travel?

Assistance dogs are permitted where documentation is presented only.

I do not have a credit card. Can I book a ticket?

Yes, if you contact our office you are able to pay cash.

How long does the trip take?

We allow 1hrs 30 mins from Pakenham , but unfortunately we are not in control of what might happen on the roads, the times we have chosen are to avoid peak hour on the way to the airport so you arrive on time but the return trips may take longer due to peak hour on Monash Freeway.

Receipt Required

Not a problem, our tickets are also tax invoices and will show gst. Our website has an automated email system which once you have booked and paid for your ticket you will be sent the invoice to the email address you entered.

When's the best time my ticket?

Our suggestion is to book your tickets as early as you can to guarantee a seat.

Haven’t booked a ticket?

Booking a ticket online is still available up until 30 minutes prior to the start of each trip, it is possible to try your chances attending a pick up point but no guarantees, cash or eft would be the payment method for this.

What happens if I miss the bus that I was booked on?

We need to see a copy of your ticket showing the number of bookings made and also the ticket number to confirm you have boarded the bus.

What happens if I purchase a ticket but don’t use it?

The ticket is valid for 12 months, and can be transferred to another user, if this is the case please email us at TPE with new name.

Having trouble viewing the timetable on our website?

Children not taking up a seat travel free.

What days do your Airport Services operate throughout the year?

Our services to/from the Airport operate 365 days of the year.

Disabled passengers

Unfortunately we do not have wheelchair accessible vehicles.

For passengers that can travel on our service but requiring a wheelchair once you arrive at the airport can contact the Melbourne Airport Customer Service Team on 03 9297 1318 Monday – Friday and one of their staff members will meet you with a wheelchair at your preferred drop-off location.

Make sure you organize this 48 hours prior to your arrival

 ‘Drop Off Point’ And finding your terminal

Its always important to do your research before travelling, but our friendly staff are there to help you as well

Terminal 4 Multi-story Car Park, Ground Floor Bus Bay 14

Kids and tiny tots

Child restraints are not compulsory on buses or coaches, Adults may wish to nurse small children on their laps and ensure the seat belt is placed around the both of you –. However, your welcome to bring your own seats, its driver will not be responsible for fitting the restraint or for any claim, loss or damage suffered by a passenger caused by the restraint. Kids not taking up a seat travel free. There also a family discount which is automated when you book your tickets.

Toilet Stops

Please make sure you go before you travel as there is nowhere to stop on the freeway and no toilets on the bus.

I can’t find my ticket?

You will be asked to produce a ticket number (a digital ticket to confirm the booking will be accepted) we would just need to confirm your id.